Remove Google Phishing Access 05/03/2017

If you clicked on the Google Docs link and logged in and selected Allow for this application to have access to you Google information, below are the steps to take to remove that access.  This phish was not an attempt to get your password.  It was an attempt to gain control of your Google Account.

If you have opened the Google Docs and entered your username and password and then selected “allow”, you will need to remove all access to this program from your Account Settings in Google.  Below are the steps to follow to remove access.

Login to your Google account and select Account preferences:

After selecting account preferences, you will be taken to the screen below.  Select Connected apps & sites:
From the following page, select MANAGE APPS:

You will see a list of apps that have access to your Google Account.  Find one that might say Docs or Someone’s name.  I think this one was Eugene.  Once you find the app that you just gave access, you will need to delete it.  Select the app from the list and press REMOVE.

This will remove all access that the app will have to your account.

Thank you.

Chris Doyle - Coordinator of Applications Technology