Office 365 – Email: IOS Outlook App

  1. Connect to Wifi at your house or the University. (Will not work on some public wifi as ports are not open.)
  2. Open Outlook for iOS. (If you do not have outlook on your IOS device click here.)
    iOS Outlook app
  3. Tap Settings > Add Account > Add Email Account
  4. On the Add Email Account page, type your full email address. for example jon_doyle@student.asun.edu, and then tap Add Account.
  5. Select the Office 365
  6. Follow the prompts on the screen to verify your email address and enter your password. In many cases, your email account should be configured for you automatically. You may also be prompted to agree to allow Microsoft Outlook to access contacts, calendar, and other info.
    NOTE: If you get a time-out message, your password or other information might be incorrect. Retype the information, and then try again.
  7. Now your phone could take up to 5 minutes or more to update and sync. This includes all of your wonderful coworker’s contacts, calendars, and email. So take this time to relax and get a glass of tea, because you are about to communicate far better and faster than you have before!Are you having issues getting connected? Please email me at chris_doyle@asun.edu while the Super Brians are working on getting the entire ASU-Newport System in the cloud. Thanks!!!
Chris Doyle - Coordinator of Applications Technology