MyCampus – Student Course Schedule

Course Schedule

When a term’s schedule is published, you can search the schedule using criteria such as day and time, keyword, or section.

To Search for a Scheduled Course
  1. Navigate to Campus Info > Course Schedule or click the Course Schedule link on the Portal home page.
  2. Select a Campus.
  3. Select a Term.
  4. Use the remaining form fields to narrow your search criteria.

    Course Schedule Search

  5. Click Search. The search results are displayed at the bottom of the form.

    Course Schedule Search Results

  6. Click the Details link in the Course Schedule column.

    The Details page provides information that is applicable to the course, for example:

    • Days, times, credits, location, and instructor
    • Delivery types, such as lecture/lab
    • Available seats
    • Text book requirements
    • Syllabi (downloadable)
    • Prerequisites/corequisites

    If the course extends beyond the two calendar months displayed, use the Next Months link to scroll through subsequent months. To view details of previous months, click the Previous Months link.

    To view information about the time, building, room and instructor for a specific date, hover the cursor over a date on which the course is delivered.

  7. Click Back to Search Results to return to the Course Schedule Search page and the list of courses previously found.
Chris Doyle - Coordinator of Applications Technology