Google Chrome – Print to PDF

In this tutorial, I explain the steps to print to a pdf using Google Chrome Browser. This is only for the Google Chrome Browser. If you do not have Google Chrome or an alternate Chromium version please speak to ITS.

First, go to the page in Google Chrome that is needing to be printed. Then select the setting dots in the top right-hand corner.

Google Chrome Settings Button


In the drop down window select “Print”

Google Chrome Print Button


Now you should see your local printer here, select change under the printer. (If it says “Save as PDF” skip to last step)


Google Chrome Print Box


Now under the “Local Destinations” you should see “Save as PDF”

Google Chrome Select Printer


Now that the “Save as PDF” is a printer choice select save.

Google Chrome Confirm Print Settings


This next dialog box is requesting where you want to save this *.pdf to.

Google Chrome Select where to print



That’s it now you have saved a PDF of the page.

Chris Doyle - Coordinator of Applications Technology